Facts About our Waste [How Big is The Trail of Trash We Leave Behind?]

Did you know a human makes a total of 4.48 pounds of waste per day? That’s 1,635.2 pounds per year. Which means we waste around 51 million tons more than we did just 30 years ago in 1990. 91% of our “recycled” waste doesn’t actually get recycled. A whopping 79% of that still ends up in the landfill. When I say this to other people, almost everyone responds with “What is the point of recycling anyway?”

Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, is still used in plastic products regularly, even though studies have shown that it can cause cancer. Another danger is that it can put daughters at risk of suffering from serious mental illnesses if their mother is exposed to BPA during pregnancy. You can be exposed to BPA by things you may not notice such as the plastic lining in cans and tea bags.

Animals are affected by our waste, other humans are affected by our waste, even the climate is affected by our waste! All these issues and complications, what can we do to help change them?

We start with ourselves, by changing simple everyday things. To reduce intake of BPA and plastic bottle waste, carry a steel, glass, or ceramic water bottle with you. Napkins? On average, we waste 2,200 per year. An easy fix is to use an old dish towel and wash it when you are done. Straws? They are the number one killers of turtles and other sea dwellers. An average human wastes 584 plastic straws per year. A way to largely reduce that number is to get a reusable one and bring it with you. Better yet, don’t use one at all!

Most people don’t realize how much what they do can affect the environment, it only takes a few changes to help yours.

Turtles found during conservation work on our most recent Trinidad TEAM adventure.

Turtles found during conservation work on our most recent Trinidad TEAM adventure.